Social Media

Primary Audiences and Goals

Our primary goal in using social media is to connect with parents and community through a tool they are already accessing on a regular basis. Photo albums and videos provide an inside look to school programs. You'll also find photo albums of major events throughout the year.

It is not necessary for parents to have an account to view the photos and other updates that we will be posting on the District, school, or PTO Facebook pages. School Facebook pages are embeded on each school home page.

To receive updates as soon as they are posted to any of the pages, you will need to sign up for your own Facebook account. After you have registered your account at, search for “Northbrook School District 28,” or the applicable school or PTO page, and click the “like” button to begin receiving updates on your own Facebook page. To receive updates in your newsfeed, go to the Facebook menu and add our pages to your 'favorites.'

Links to District, school, and PTO-sponsored pages:

District 28 Facebook page
District 28 Twitter Page

Westmoor School Facebook page
Westmoor PTO Facebook page
Westmoor Twitter Page

Greenbriar School Facebook page
Greenbriar Twitter Page
Greenbriar PTO page

Meadowbrook Facebook Page
Meadowbrook PTO Facebook page
Meadowbrook Principal Pat Thome's Twitter page

NBJH Facebook Page
NBJH Twitter Page

Comment Policy

District 28 welcomes the community’s contributions to our Facebook pages. However, community comments are the opinion of the specific author and do not represent District 28, our schools, or our Parent-Teacher Organizations. The District is not responsible or liable for the content of any separate Facebook pages that are related to District 28 but not administered by District 28 employees.

District 28 abides by Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and the District asks its Facebook fans to do the same. District 28 reserves the right to block fans or remove their comments if they contain commercial solicitations, are factually erroneous or libelous, are clearly off-topic, or otherwise violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

The District welcomes a healthy dialogue with the District 28 community. However, personal insults against any individual – whether the individual is an employee, student, Board member, or other person – are strictly prohibited. We strongly encourage all comments to be phrased respectfully, factually, and constructively.

The District has set up the District 28, school, and PTO Facebook pages so that other users are not able to “tag” – or label with names– photos of our students. The District, at this time, will not identify students by first and last name on social media pages, and tagging has been blocked to ensure that other users are not able to do so.

Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to “opt out” of allowing their child’s image published to the District 28, school-based, or PTO Facebook pages, by communicating that request in writing to Communications Director Terry Ryan.