English Learners

multi culturalism

EL Mission Statement
The goal of the ELL Program in School District 28 is to enable children of other language backgrounds to speak, read, and write English so as to experience academic, social, and emotional success.

Program Descriptions
To develop all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - until mastery is achieved. To give support in content area classes. To learn about American culture, while respecting and preserving the home culture. To encourage participation in all school activities, such as athletics, music, clubs, and student government. To maintain the connection between home and school. To help parents understand and participate in school activities. To foster an understanding and appreciation of all cultures within the school.

District 28 EL Teachers

Greenbriar Elementary School
Lori Catalan

Meadowbrook Elementary School
Dexi Karabatsos

Westmoor Elementary School
Claudia Rieger

Angela Taggart

Northbrook Junior High School
Nicole Gas