Music Education

Best Community for Music Education

Welcome to the Instrumental and Choral Music Program!

For the third year in a row, Northbrook District 28 received the Best Communities for Music Education award by the National Association of Music Merchants.

Instrumental Music

The purpose of music education is to engage students in performing, creating and responding through music. Music education is a vehicle to learning the joy of sharing and making music with others, and a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for individual growth. Appreciation and involvement in music is a lifelong process. Orchestra begins in third grade and band begins in fourth grade.

Enduring Understandings

Students will understand...
• that music connects lives.
• that music has a role in the human experience of all cultures.
• that music is a language common to people and cultures everywhere.
• that music has an intrinsic ability to affect emotion in people.
• that music is an integral aspect of the human experience and a part of every society and culture on our planet.
• that learning to perform on a musical instrument at an early age can enhance lifelong learning.

The school district recognizes that a private / semi-private lesson approach is the best format to reach this goal, and this is the primary component of the program.
Orchestra instruments are available to students in grades 3-8 and Band instruments are available to students in grades 4-8.

Choral Music

Elementary Level

The study of choral music is incorporated into the general music program in all of the elementary schools. All students are offered the opportunity to participate in and experience choral music and performing during the Winter Sing. Each elementary school produces an age-appropriate musical during the spring.

Winter Sing Curriculum(Revised in 2011)

Junior High Level

Students have the opportunity to join the 6th Grade Chorus, which meets twice a week during lunch and performs in three school concerts each year. The chorus is open to all sixth-grade students and builds a foundation of singing and performance skills.
Seventh- and eighth-grade students have the opportunity to audition for the Northbrook Junior High Concert Choir. Students in the choir explore a variety of different musical styles and learn advanced multi-part harmonies.

Music Parents Club

The Music Parents Club includes all parents whose children participate in music programs in District 28. The Club's fundraising activities support enrichment activities for students across the music curriculum.
Learn more about Music Parents Club

Music Education Faculty

Anca Apetean, Choral
Kathy Colsen, Band 
Mike Govert, Orchestra
Bryan Kyrouac, Band
Jennifer Lee-Stewart, Orchestra
Debbee Peterson, Orchestra
Gregory Scapillato, Band
Doug Schuler, Band
Sarah Stanley, Orchestra
Keri Stone, Band

Elementary Music

Jeremy Bartunek, Greenbriar
Abby Blair, Westmoor
Kathryn Finch, Meadowbrook