Young Explorers Early Childhood Program

Young Explorers ClassroomYoung Explorers learn about health and fitness from a visiting American NinjaYoung Explorers Graduation 3

Each Young Explorers classroom is staffed by a teacher and an aide with a class size limit of 15 students

Young Explorers learn about health and fitness from a visiting American Ninja competitor.

Students participate in a year-end promotion to kindergarten celebration.


The Young Explorers Program features a blended model to serve special education, at-risk, and typically developing peers. The goal is to be able to serve more of the District’s special education preschool students within the District, while also providing early intervention services to local at-risk students.


The Northbrook 28 Early Childhood Program exists to nurture resilient, inquisitive learners with a strong sense of citizenship and love for learning. 


The Northbrook 28 Early Childhood Program seeks to create an engaging learning environment for young children through developmentally appropriate practices aligned to the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.  Our program encourages exploration and skill development through child-centered experiences that build self-confidence and connections between learning and natural environments.


Students are enrolled into the program through a special education evaluation as part of the transition process from Early Intervention or through participation in district screenings.  Children may participate in a screening session upon turning age 3.  Screenings occur once a month. Dates for 2018 are: Jan. 31, Feb.20, March 23, April 16, May 18 and June 1.

Children will participate in a play-based screening in the areas of cognition, language, fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional functioning, and adaptive skills.  Screenings are by appointment only.   To schedule a screening, please contact Helene Josephson, Administrative Assistant for Early Childhood at 847-504-3809.  

Ages/School Calendar

The program will feature two sessions, with each session 2.5 hours in length.  The Early Childhood program calendar will align with the District 28 school year calendar. The programs are five days a week for both the AM and PM sessions.
  •  AM classes will be for students turning 3 by Sept. 1: 8:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  •  PM classes will only be for students turning 4 by Sept. 1: 12:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.



Spots open throughout the year as students celebrate birthdays. To sign up for classes, enroll online today.

Questions/More Information

For more information, please contact Jenna Duffy, Assistant Director for Student Services/Elementary at