Boys Basketball Team Makes History

Boys Basketball Team Makes History
Posted on 02/03/2020
Boys basketball team celebrates their championship win

Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020 will go into the record books from junior high sports. Our 8th grade boys basketball team clinched the conference championship against the Wilmette Wolves 50-35, closing out a three-year undefeated run as a team. Congratulations to the boys:

Josh Fridman, Sam Lappin, Owen Giannoulias, Matthew Coughlin, Will Steele, Julian Marta, Mikey Daniel, Trevor Marshall, Ryan Rossi, Jeffrey Richardson, Pierson Stringer, Lucas Dubinsky  and Nate Phadnis and coaches: Mr. Haggis and Mr. Wood and assistant Mr. Piechowiak.

At the same time, our 8th grade girls were battling for the conference championship against Springman. After tying the game in the last seconds of regulation, the girls fell to Springman in the last seconds of overtime  39-41. Congratulations to the girls  to a fantastic season and second place in conference: Grace Gertner, Mackenzie Schmidt,  Cait  Ethan, Sarah Denk, Brecken Carsello, Maddy Noll, Moah Son, Echo Glidden, Eva Gaa, Jenny Yoo, and Daniella Vidal. Also a special salute to coach Deena Seifer, for 25 years of coaching nd encouraging our female athletes!

Mr. Matthew Haggis is the 8th grade boys coach. The team was coached by Jason Piechowaik in 6th grade and Ryan Wood in 7th grade. 

This group is definitely talented, but what makes them special is how much they enjoy being around each other,” Coach Haggis said. “Beyond that, they have an unwavering desire to compete, and more frankly, to win. There is a competitiveness in this group that I haven't seen in all my years of coaching.”

As the bleaches cleared after the game, and parents and players lingered to take photos together and savor the moment. It was the end of their run as junior high players, and just what high school may bring.

I'm speaking for myself here, but I know both Mr. P and Mr. Wood would agree, that we hope we have taught them to be good people and to lead with courage. I also hope I've taught them that a team is better together than they are alone,” Mr. Haggis said. “I think they have taught me that nothing is impossible and they reminded me of how much fun it is to win!”


The boys basketball team and coaches gather for a photo with the conference championship trophy.