Students Reap Benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten

Students Reap Benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten
Posted on 04/28/2017
Sand at the sensory table in kindergarten

The Kindergarten teaching team said they are proud of the growth their students have made during this first year of full-day kindergarten.

“Their progress is monumental,” said Westmoor teacher Matthew Crawford, “academically, socially and emotionally.”

Crawford, along with teachers Mary Porcaro from Greenbriar and Maggie McElvain from Meadowbrook, highlighted some of the program changes created for the full-day program at the April 25 meeting of the Board of Education. Guided by consultant Sue Kempton and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kathy Horvath, discovery play areas and classroom libraries were established in each classroom for “Purposeful Play” in the extended day.

“They build, create and problem-solve together,” Crawford said. “The are inspired by what they are learning to create, question, and wonder every day.”

Each classroom is equipped with blocks, kinetic sand, building toys, and imagination play areas with a kitchen, theatre and costumes. The students also have more reading time, where they choose fiction and non-fiction books about topics they wish to explore.

“These teachers are passionate about student learning and have embraced the components of instruction to allow time for student inquiry through discovering learning and free choice,” said Dr. Kathy Horvath.

The slideshow was created by the kindergarten teachers to highlight the activities of the full day.

A Look at Full-Day Kindergarten 2017 from Northbrook District 28 on Vimeo.