World Language

If you hear singing coming from an elementary classroom in District 28, it’s probably in Spanish. For 30 minutes every day, students in first through fifth grade sing, play games and practice listening and speaking Spanish as part of the district’s World Language program.

Background information

The School Board in 2012  approved the recommendation to extend the elementary school student day by 40 minutes and to start Spanish instruction in first grade. Students previously began Spanish instruction in fifth grade.

The School Board's approval of this recommendation followed months of intensive research and examination by the Commission on the Study of Learning Time, a dedicated group of teachers, parents, administrators, and Board members.

"Time for World Language? Northbrook School District 28 Report on World Language and Learning Time," was prepared for the Board of Education by Superintendent Larry Hewitt. The report was originally published on February 16, 2012, and was updated to include additional information on March 9, 2012.

"Time for World Language" Report– Updated March 9, 2012

See the program in action, as depicted in this November, 2016 video, which looks at state of the program five years after it launched.