Gifted and Talented

Mission of Gifted/Talented Services

Giftedness and talents (G/T) are developed when all stakeholders work together to recognize and nurture innate abilities by providing an environment in which students can ask questions, think critically, and explore topics of passions.

Specific educational opportunities and varied approaches are necessary for G/T students to ensure appropriate challenge, maximize potential, and stimulate ongoing growth and development. G/T students are entitled to pursue learning at their level of development and interact with intellectual peers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide students with educational challenges through support and alternative learning opportunities while expanding their knowledge, developing independence and self-directed learning. We envision students who will continuously generate questions, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply information in unique and novel ways.

We are committed to the belief that the G/T students require guidance in discovering, developing and realizing their potential as individuals and as members of society. This commitment requires a strong partnership between the schools and community.

How is Gifted and Talented defined in Northbrook 28?

The Northbrook School District 28 believes that gifted and talented students demonstrate aptitude or show competence earlier and at a more significantly advanced level than their same-age peers through intellectual and academic domains. The unique characteristics of gifted and talented students require specialized resources to support maximum learning as well as optimum social and emotional growth. G/T students may be represented from all cultural groups and genders and across all economic strata.

What if I'd like my child to be considered for G/T Services?

Parents/Guardians should complete the form below if they believe their child is performing well above grade level or demonstrating exceptional strengths or talents and would like their child’s performance and achievement to be reviewed to determine eligibility for gifted education services. (Parents of students who are currently receiving Gifted and Talented Services do not need to participate in this process.)

Parent Nomination Form 

For junior high students, please complete the junior high nomination form and submit to Becky Heller by January 17, 2020. This form may be completed electronically, then printed to sign and submit, or completed manually. Please note: The nomination process applies to Language Arts only. Math placement decisions are managed by the Math Department.

For elementary students please complete the elementary nomination form and submit to your Principal or G/T Services Coordinator by January 17, 2020. This form may be completed electronically, then printed to sign and submit, or completed manually.

Contact Information

Rachael Weeks
Gifted and Talented Services Coordinator, Greenbriar
Phone: (847) 504-3771

Jessica Mann
Gifted and Talented Services Coordinator, Meadowbrook
Phone: (847) 504-3618

Sarah Wippman
Gifted and Talented Services Coordinator, Westmoor
Phone: (847) 504-3825

Becky Heller
Gifted and Talented Services Coordinator, NBJH
Phone: (847) 504-3478

Michelle Jackson
Director of Learning
Phone: (847) 504-3407

Lisa Tenuta
Gifted and Talented Administrative Assistant
Phone (847) 504-3425