Public Information

Illinois Freedom of Information Act


Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/1 et. seq.), many records maintained by public entities may be accessed by the public upon written request.  

Public Records Available on the District 28 Website

The following are links to frequently requested documents accessible without filing a FOIA request.

Procedure for Requesting Records 

If you are unable to find the specific information for which you are searching, you may request copies of existing documents.  Written requests should state what information is being sought under the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Provide a brief description of the public records requested, being as specific as possible. 
  • Please state whether or not records are requested for a commercial purpose.  

Requests must be submitted in writing and can be either mailed to the address below or emailed to the Freedom of Information Officer.  The District will not honor verbal requests for information.

Please note that exemptions under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act may allow non-disclosure of some parts of public records maintained by the District.

Requests for records should be directed to: 

Freedom of Information Officer – Jessica Donato

c/o District Administration Office

1475 Maple Avenue

Northbrook, IL  60062

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act requires agencies to respond within five business days of receipt of a request.  An extension of time may be requested for reasons stated in 5 ILCS 140/3(e)(i-vii).

No fees shall be charged for the first 50 pages of black and white, letter- or legal-sized copies requested. After the first 50 pages, the fee for black and white, letter or legal sized copies shall be 15¢ per page. Actual cost will be charged for other documents not of standard size and for the recording medium (e.g. compact disk, tape, DVD).   For more information on the Freedom of Information Act go to the Illinois Attorney General’s website.