District Overview

Northbrook School District 28 is located approximately 25 miles north of downtown Chicago, and about four miles west of Lake Michigan. This is a public preK-8 elementary school district with three elementary schools and one junior high, serving the northeastern portion of Northbrook.


To provide a teaching, learning, and caring environment where all children benefit from a commitment to excellence.

Our goal is to provide students with a strong academic and social-emotional foundation, as well as an appreciation for the value of learning and of helping others.

School District 28 is committed to enhancing and supporting student growth and development by providing challenging and diversified experiences for all students.

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Vision 2015 was adopted by the Board of Education June 29, 2010

The three core components of VISION 2015 intersect and overlap, with each one maintaining students at the center.

  • Component #1 addresses the primacy of student engagement and motivation in the learning process.

  • Component #2 highlights the importance of the professional practices used by educators in the instructional process.

  • Component #3 identifies adult learning teams as the most powerful and productive structure for District 28 to accelerate the growth and progress of our staff in addressing Components 1 and 2.