School Report Cards

Multiple Assessment Scores Reflect High Student Achievement

District 28 uses nine different assessments to measure learning as students progress to eighth grade and prepare for high school. Eight of those assessments reflect consistently high performance in reading, writing and math.

On the Terra Nova assessment for high school placement, the median score for NBJH students is in the 84th national percentile or above in reading, language and math. Further, 68 percent or more students scored in the 76th national percentile or above in all areas, and 87 percent are in the 50th percentile.

Some assessments help guide instruction, and others monitor the effectiveness of curriculum. The District begins assessing students in kindergarten for early literacy, and continues assessing through the grades to gauge growth in literacy and math. In addition, students are recommended for the Cognitive Abilities test in grades 3 and 5 to assist in placement for gifted and talented services. Assessments vary from district-developed to nationally normed formats. Some assessments are paper and pencil, some are computer based, and some are one-on-one with teachers.

“Our kids are creative readers and writers and they love to learn. We need to be proud of our teachers’ and students’ work,” said Dr. Kathy Horvath, Assistant Superintendent.

A compilation of student performance is documented in the 2016 annual assessment report.

Current and Archived Report Cards

The following documents are the current and archived report cards for the District and its schools. To get information on what the students are actually learning, please view the Parent Curriculum Guides.